The Advantages of Buying or Selling a Home in the Fall

Buying in the fallAs the summer winds down and fall approaches, many people are busy getting their kids back into a school routine and taking on new projects at work. While buying a new home may be the last thing on your mind, it could be very advantageous for you to make some time for home shopping this autumn. This time of year is a great time to acquire a new property, from tax breaks and higher inventory to taking advantage of better weather, there are many benefits to buying a home in the fall.

1) Seasonality

Closing on a house before the onset of winter is a real plus for most buyers, because people don’t generally want to shop for a house or move when it’s really hot or there’s snow and icy roads.

2) For Your Kids’ Sake

Having to uproot your children from their friends and routine in the winter or the summer can be disruptive to their lives. At those times of year, they are involved in extracurricular activities, friends and school projects. Moving in the fall lets you transition a little more easily, allowing you the chance to settle in just before the winter holidays.

3) Greater Opportunity to Close

In the fall, people typically act with more conviction when it comes to buying and selling, even though the demand may not be as high. Often, in the spring, you have a lot of window-shoppers who are merely looking around rather than looking to close. In the fall, you can almost be sure that shoppers are actually looking to buy a home.

4) Tax Breaks

If you buy a home in the fall, you increase your opportunity to leverage tax breaks at the year’s end. Both your property taxes and mortgage interest rates are tax deductible items from your gross income. Moreover, interest paid can also be deducted from your taxes should you have closed your loan before the end of the year.

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