A Snapshot of Saskatoon’s City Park Area

City Park: Saskatoon real estateCity Park is one of Saskatoon’s oldest residential neighbourhoods. It’s located north of the Central Business District and contains many businesses and commercial zones along with the booming residential area. The first development of City Park started in 1900, and most of the homes in the area were built after 1945. However, the area still sees new development of modern homes and other buildings. In fact, as young professionals have moved in, there’s been a push for renewal in the area in the past 20 years.

Real Estate in City Park

City Park is one of the best areas for Saskatoon real estate. The subdivision contains 4,405 residents and is made up of a mix of single-family homes, semi-detached homes, condominiums, town homes and apartments. It’s considered a middle class neighbourhood with an average home value of $245,254, average income of $42,236, a home ownership rate of 32.1% and an average home sale price of $381,184. Although the neighbourhood has seen a lot of new development and the construction of modern buildings, it has managed to keep its old charm.

Things to Do Around City Park

Even though it’s located at the edge of the core of Saskatoon’s downtown, the name of the neighbourhood ¬†alludes to the fact that it’s filled with parks. There’s almost 54 acres of land committed to parks! Four major public parks are located here, including Mendel Park Site, Kinsmen Park, Wilson Park and Meewasin Park.

Meewasin Park is located near the river, which makes it the perfect place to take a stroll, jog or bicycle ride while checking out the scenery. Visitors and residents will also find lots to do at the subdivision’s small amusement park that features a train ride and merry-go-round. Other places, like the soccer pitches, ski trails, walking trails, the water park, art gallery, playgrounds, outdoor rink and baseball diamonds, also offer ample entertainment.

Commercial Real Estate in City Park

As far as Saskatoon real estate goes, the City Park area features as much commercial property as it does residential. Commercial zones are located in City Park’s south and west sides, next to the Central Business District. Queen Street is lined with businesses, which is located just beyond the Saskatoon City Hospital.

A cluster of business are also located near 7th Avenue North and Princess St., at the center of the neighbourhood. Another commercial zone can also be found at City Park’s north edge, parallel to the Canadian Pacific Railway, while the University of Saskatchewan can be found at the top of the 25th St. Bridge.

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