Real Estate Prospects in Caswell Hill

Family friendly real estate in SaskatoonCaswell Hill is a Saskatoon neighbourhood that combines the best of location, a lively community, and real estate. Its central location is ideal for people of all walks of life and has a great sense of community with lots of amenities. It offers a great option for real estate in Saskatoon, especially when compared to some of the pricier neighbourhoods, like City Park or Varsity View.

Development of this neighbourhood started in the early 1900s with most of the buildings established by 1946. New and improved buildings, however, are going up as dilapidated buildings are brought down. This now gives Caswell Hill a unique blend of homes that have lots of old-world charm and character, and houses that are more modern.

The streets are lined with mature trees, and about 1,600 households call this area home with the majority of the residents being single families living in detached houses. There are also many low rise apartments and two-unit homes.

Rejuvenating Caswell Hill

In the past, Caswell Hill had it rough, and at one time, the neighbourhood was completely neglected. But this has changed, and new residents have helped give this area a face lift and the attention it deserves. In 2001, the Saskatoon City Council adopted a new local area plan that led to the redevelopment of real estate in the area. Luxury condos were put up, as well as new residential and commercial buildings, bringing life to this lovely neighbourhood.

Perfect for Families

If you’re thinking of moving your family to the area, there are 2 public schools, Caswell School and Bedford Road Collegiate. The former teaches kindergarten through to grade 8, while the latter is a secondary school, offering grade 9 to grade 12.

In terms of outdoor space, Caswell Hill is currently home to one park, Ashworth Holmes Park, which covers about 10 acres. With nice manicured gardens, it’s well maintained and has a paddling pool, lawn bowling park, basketball, and tennis facilities.

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