A Glimpse of Kensington in Saskatoon

Saskatoon real estate opportunitiesKensington is Saskatoon’s newest subdivision, and is kicking up quite a stir with its rapid growth, amenities and vibrant atmosphere. In development years, the neighbourhood is in its infancy, at just three years old, but it’s slated to house more than 8,000 residents by the time it’s completed. The area features sparkling ponds, a village square, spaces for local shops and beautiful parks. The neighbourhood also connects to other highly successful and culture-rich communities, such as Blairmore. It’s an environmentally-sustainable subdivision that has so much to offer anyone looking for Saskatoon real estate.

Homes in Kensington

The Kensington housing market is growing every day. Currently, it features a large selection of townhouses, condos, single-family homes, traditional apartments, and even second-story apartments located above offices, the village square, and a coffee shop. The average sale price for a home in Kensington is $366,750, which is typical for many neighbourhoods in the area.

What makes this area unique, as far as Saskatoon real estate goes, is that several homes in the area use solar energy. Saskatoon actually offers incentives to owners of eco-friendly homes, so this is something to consider if sustainable living is important to you.

Amenities Around the Neighbourhood

Many amenities are available in the neighbourhood already, but even more are being added. The area is close to five malls, including Blairmore Suburban Centre, 22nd Street Arterial Commercial District, Confederation Park Mall, Kensington Village Centre and Confederation Park Suburban Centre. Parks are a dominant feature in the subdivision, including Al Anderson Park, Pacific Park and Atlantic Park.

Recreation in the area also includes the Shaw Centre (Walking Track and Fitness and Aquatic Centre) and the Cosmo Civic Centre and Ice Arena. Schools in the area are Confederation Park Elementary School, Bethlehem Catholic High School and Tommy Douglas Collegiate, as well as the Carlyle King Branch Library.

Things to Do in Kensington

There’s no shortage of things for individuals and families to do in Kensington. Residents and visitors often enjoy the area’s many parks, for instance, where they can take a stroll or ride a bike, even play soccer. The village square is also a hub of activity where residents can host barbeques or other types of fun parties and events. For those who like to take in the scenery, a large array of pedestrian bike routes through the parks and around town are there to provide an easy way to explore Kensington.

If you’re ready to learn more about this wonderful neighbourhood, get in touch with me. I’ll use my decades of Saskatoon real estate experience to help you find your dream home at the best possible price.

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