Boost the Value of Your Home with 5 DIY Home Staging Tips

House staging tipsTo effectively market and sell your home, you will need to ensure that it is attractively staged to entice buyers to make an offer. This may seem daunting at first, especially if you lack experience in staging. While it may not be very budget-friendly to hire a professional to help present your home to buyers, there are a set of DIY tips and approaches that have the ability to make your house compelling to buyers while saving you money.

Make a Good First Impression

First impressions matter, particularly when selling your home or listing it on Saskatoon MLS. It’s rare that a buyer will want to enter a home that lacks curb appeal. So, be sure to do the little things outside of the home that make a big difference like ensuring the lawn is cut and that leaves have been raked. Also, consider sprucing up your front door with a fresh coat of paint. All of these things can work to create an impressive introduction to your property.

Air Your Home Out

Fresh air is not only good for people, it is good for your home as well. Before an open house, be sure to open the windows on each floor of your home to enhance the air flow and remove any stale air that may accumulate in closets or rooms. A stuffy home will not be attractive to buyers.

Spic and Span and De-personalize

It may seem obvious, but cleaning your home thoroughly is crucial when you have potential buyers visiting. A deep cleaning of the entire home, including the carpets and floors, will help ensure that buyers only see your home at its best. Though it takes some time to do, you will save money by cleaning your home yourself rather than hiring outside contractors to do it for you. However, it may be worth it to splurge and have carpets and drapes professionally steam cleaned, as well as have wood floors polished.

During the cleaning process, make sure you remove any personal items, such as photos, drawings, and much of your personal decorations. Your decorations may be great additions to you but they can be distracting and may even be unsightly to potential buyers. Besides, you want the buyers to focus on the rooms of the home, not on what’s in those rooms.

Devil in the Details

The eyes of buyers will be naturally drawn to the details in each room. These details can be great selling points or reasons for them to dismiss your property. Whether it be chipped paint or a slight discolouration on your walls, these little details can turn a buyer off quickly. Consider having a trusted friend or associate walk through your home to identify any details with fresh eyes, because you may miss some yourself.

Choose Neutral Furniture

It may seem counter-intuitive, but when selling your home it’s best to make it look as generic as possible. Essentially, you want to nurture a “showroom” environment in your home that a bevy of buyers can use to help foster their vision of their own dream space. It will be difficult to accomplish this if you have too many personal items, such as trophies and photos displayed.

Wacky furniture or paint colors are also things that could hinder a buyer’s ability to envision their own furniture in a space. If your paint choices are too bright or dull, then you may find yourself having to repaint. Colors like variations of grey and tan are usually the most popular for home sellers, however, neutral yellows and greens may also be used for home staging. And, of course, painting is something that almost anyone can do.

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