4 Things To Consider When Buying A Summer Home

Saskatoon real estate tips for buying a summer homeOwning a house that you can retreat to when you need to unwind is a dream for many. If you’re looking to purchase a vacation home, it’s a good idea to do some research, and most importantly, align yourself with an experienced realtor to simplify your search. In my years of Saskatoon real estate experience, I’ve found that the following is a great place to start, when shopping for a summer home:

Finding the Right Location

For most people, a summer home is ideally located near a body of water, but there are a couple of things you should determine when looking for that perfect waterfront home. First, how close to the shore do you want your home to be? Second, what’s the rate of soil erosion? For safety reasons, the home shouldn’t be too close to the shore, and determining the rate of soil erosion should give you an idea of how well the house will withstand potential flooding and high winds.

Why Do You Want a Summer Home?

The primary use for the property should dictate the type of home you purchase, and the kinds of amenities you’ll require in and around the home. For use as a family summer home, it will need an adequate number of rooms to accommodate everyone and potentially vacationing relatives. If it’s a house you’d like to move into after retirement, access to stores, hospitals, and other pertinent amenities should be taken into consideration, as well. If you plan to rent out the space when you’re not there, then the property should be close to popular venues to increase its rental potential.

Consider the Accessibility

How easily can you access your holiday home? Can you access it via land and water? If, for some reason, one of the summer home’s access points is blocked, will you be able to reach your home from another route? You will also want to consider the amount of time that it takes to reach your vacation home. If you plan to visit your house every weekend, for instance, it might not be ideal if the house is located several hours away.

Consider the Surroundings

The surrounding areas should also be a factor for consideration when buying a summer home. Things such as proximity to urban centres, as well as the size and popularity of the body of water or other amenities will raise the property’s price tag. Believe it or not, properties with sunrise views can cost less than those with sunset views! If you require a dock for a boat, you will also need to find a property with one or ensure that the local laws will allow you to build a dock.

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